25 September, 2008


My oldest, dearest friend is getting married in sixteen days. Sweet sixteen.
So last night, I had a sleepless night full of dreams about weddings.

Many about M's wedding: in one, I couldn't find the right shoes & had to wear ones with heals so high it made me tower over everyone else by a foot (I was a GIANT in that dream); another where my bridesmaid dress was slowly sliding down my frame as I walked down the aisle (perhaps a double fear of the amazing fact that I haven't had to get my dress altered even one small inch because it fits so well, and the worry over wearing something strapless); and a ridiculous one where M & her dad were ready to make their entrance and there was this bagpiper there who would play nothing but "Taps" so I started throwing wild punches at him (crazy!).

And pieces of dreams of my own wedding: little snipets of different churches (or a beach, or a garden); different wedding dresses (none of them strapless however - perhaps in response to my other dream about the strapless bridesmaid dress?); and in all of them only one thing was constant - the groom wore glasses (I could never make out his face, of course, and he always looked like a different shape or size from the back, but every time he was just about to turn around and look at me, I could see the frame of his glasses right before the dream changed).

I can only imagine the excitement and nervousness and Night Before Christmas-like feelings that must be dancing in M's head - and in her heart.

PS - this picture is of my "moody" friend on her wedding day... could it be more perfect?

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