19 November, 2008


Thanks to a nice friend, I recently gave this orchid a good home. She lives next to my oxalis and the pothos that I'm beginning in a glass of water by my window sill. I'm pretty sure she's a She - as you can see, she's strikingly tall and beautiful. And she braved the cold winds with me, and the long subway ride home, and the people staring and wanting to smell her (even though orchids don't have a scent really). Though I felt kinda strange carrying an orchid around the city with me...

But then today, on the subway, I saw a man with his own orchid. It was smaller, looked more delicate, and was a deep and amazing purple. It made me happy to see another soul carrying a bit of spring around this city... especially when it's about to turn into blistering, wintry weather.

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