09 November, 2008


Whenever I have a Sunday like today, I feel particularly blessed.

Sunday has long been my favorite day of the week. As a kid, it was going to a church where I had a lot of good friends. As a teen, it was going to rehearsal for show choir (yes, show choir - go ahead and laugh it up... but we were GOOD). As a college student, it was the day to sleep in as late as possible. And now as a New Yorker, it's the day when I most love taking a few hours to remember why I love living in this crazy city.

Sundays are reasonably quiet. Sundays are my day when I can truly enjoy the things I love to do. Taking some time to worship. Discovering a new brunch place. Being introduced to a delectable hole-in-the-wall treasure. Indulging in a sweet treat. Meeting up with old friends. And then spending a quiet night with them.

Yes. Yes, BLESSED is the right word.

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