17 December, 2008


I was reminded today about the importance of keeping my focus on the right things. I felt distracted (ha! no pun intended) and scattered and it was difficult for me to feel like I was accomplishing anything good all day. But then I had a phone call with someone who called me out - telling me that one of the main problems was that I was focusing too much on the dollars and not enough on the art.

And this was coming from the EXACT person who was a source of most of my frustration. So it was infuriating and humbling to realize... he was right. I am responsible, as someone who produces theatre, to adhere to the budgets and to force people to think harder about things and to step it up and work through difficult problems.

REGARDLESS! I have seen this in other people in this industry as well: the fact that we can get so worked up about the challenges in our jobs that we can completely lose track of the joy. And I get to do theatre - make believe! - everyday. Every day. All day. That's my job. And it's amazing. And it's hard. And it's incredibly rewarding.

And a humbling day today can mean for a better day tomorrow.

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