18 December, 2008


Tonight I met "James" on the subway. He looked kinda like this guy, but a little more "every man". James and I talked from 59th to 175th on the A train. We both went for the same seat and ended up sitting caddy-corner from each other. This could've been the end of our interaction... but as I was putting on some hand lotion and preparing to read my book, he asked me if the train was still going express. And I politely answered yes.

Then he proceeded to tell me about the history of the subway. How it was in the 60's. How there used to be an AA train and then a K train. How there used to be wooden fans and straw seats in the 30's. How the N train used to run on the R line.

And although at first I was just smiling & nodding, I soon found myself thinking: I could either pay half-hearted attention to this guy or I could really engage and have a subway friendship for the next few stops. So I asked him his name. And we shook hands.

Then we talked about our neighborhood. And how the Mother Cabrini is odd. Which led to discussing funeral rituals in different religions. We covered a small array of topics in the short 1/2 hour ride. And it was nice. And it was genuine. And it was nothing more than a sub-friendship.

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