11 January, 2009


The M&M store at 10am (the sickly sweet smell of chocolate before breakfast is never a good idea). Versace glasses (how fancy!). The streets of New York on a Saturday morning (and the beginnings of a wintry snowfall). First time cooking in the new apartment (complete with both real and fake sausage). A Broadway matinee (with front row seats that made my neck hurt but I barely noticed because I was enjoying myself so much). A trek through the snow (seven inches, ha!). A trip to Duane Reade (seriously, that hat is nice). Quick stop for a drink (glad you remembered exactly where it was). Over-stimulation with a gaggle of friends and too much cornbread (what? those blue lights were on the whole time). $12.50 for a movie half of us didn't watch the whole way through (those dybbuks are scary - and so was that lame dialogue!). A quick subway ride (oh, the luxury of living on the island). A cup of hot tea (which goes extremely well with a side dish of relationship therapy). A make-shift bed of blankets on the floor (hey - at least the pillows were comfortable). A snooze on the alarm (three times). Another cup of tea with leftover crescent rolls (and a funny cat). A long hug (never long enough!) and a shout out on the blog (space ice - smiley face).

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