08 January, 2009


Sometimes my job involves crisis management, other times it's long-term planning, but today was a rare chance to work on some element of all three productions in the same day.

#1 is closing on Sunday - it was a great run and there have been some understudies going on this last week (which has made for some excitement) so I visited the theatre today and checked up on my cast of boys. I'll miss them - they're a good crew.

#2 is in rehearsals - I was dealing with budgets and schedules and playbills today, and hopefully finding a way to get Apple to donate 2 computers and 2 iPhones to the show. (Can you flirt your way into getting a big freebie like that? I hope so!)

#3 had a reading this afternoon - and it was great to hear the play aloud, instead of just looking at it on paper. It made me laugh and made me cry and made me excited for the spring.

How lucky I am to be working on such wonderful theatre - not to mention THREE shows at once!


  1. How lucky they are to have you as a General Manager and a partner in their company!

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