01 January, 2009


When I think back over 2008 and reflect on all the things that happened, I can barely believe that it's over. It was a year packed with growing pains - painful, agonizing ones... ones that were not so bad but completely necessary... and good ones, too.

I started a blog. I moved into my own apartment and lived by myself for the first time in my life. I became an aunt.

I watched my city's team win the Super Bowl. I met Eartha Kitt and Bill Irwin. I read books that changed my mentality.

I struggled with my faith in God - and then, amazingly, I found a truer, more honest version of it. I saw a Broadway musical that restored my faith in Broadway musicals. I joined the board of a theatre company.

I ended a significant relationship after many months of loving efforts that just weren't working anymore. I played the piano for my church. I sang in a professional recording studio.

I stage managed a play
. I spent a weekend in Chicago that ended with a cathartic road trip home. I rekindled powerful friendships that are incredibly meaningful to me.

I went to an outdoor funk festival in Harlem and saw the heartbreak of the Belmont Stakes in person. Seven out-of-town guys spent a few hours sleeping all over my tiny apartment. I got a new job.

I witnessed the International Hot Dog Eating Contest. I saw another Broadway musical that makes me so proud. I left a job that was less like work and more like family to me.

I cried at a wedding full of love and southern hospitality. I cried for Michael Phelps when he won that 8th gold medal. I cried during the Democratic National Convention.

I burnt myself to a lobster crisp on the coast of Texas with women I love. I took a sign language class and made international connections. I joined a book club.

I discovered the addictive joy of Jamba Juice. I had the distinct honor of going through the whole bridal shower-bachelorette party-beautiful wedding of my life-long friend. I entered the final year of my 20's.

I cheered for an historic and hopeful presidential election. I started dating again - a delightful, delicious experience. I enjoyed the 2nd annual NYC Family Thanksgiving.

I lifted my voice in a chorus. I enjoyed the 2nd annual NYC Family Christmas, complete with Muppet movies. I got a new roommate and a new apartment. I remembered how much I fiercely love my family.

I grew. So much it hurt. In a good way.

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