17 April, 2009


For the next 60 hours or so, I will be without a computer. Now, only a few years ago this wouldn't have seemed like such a big deal... but with the current state (or at least MY current state) of computer-addiction, 2 and a half days sans facebook, blogging, and gmail seems both a bummer and an excitement.

How will I know who did what every 1/2 hour without my constant status updates? How will I know what events are going on? Or when it's my turn in Scrabble? And what about my friend who will send me a snarky email called "a little some days" when I miss a few blog posts? How will I check other blogs and find hidden meaning in other people's posts? And what about my gchatting - how will I have short, funny, one-line conversations with other people who are green-dotted?

I say all this in jest, of course. But those thoughts actually did pass through my mind this morning, as I'm packing my bags for a quick get-a-way. I'm counting on it being remarkably freeing not to have a computer for a few days. And, don't worry... I'll still have my cell (thank God for text messaging!).

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