24 May, 2009


Anyone who knows me - even a little bit - knows how important a role spirituality has in my life, in who I am, and in who I want to become.

I am blessed beyond measure to believe in Something Bigger. That belief started as a seed planted by my parents, grew with my own knowledge and faith, continued to expand as family and friends shared their beliefs... and I now have seeds of my own to plant - fruit from the Tree, rooted in a Love that passes all understanding.

Oh sure, there have been seasons when the growth was hardly noticeable or even completely dormant. But that tiny ember which can reignite the fire was never fully extinguished, (thank goodness!) and that firey belief is now full of warmth and comfort.

To have faith in Something Bigger than just yourself - whether it is Family, Love, God - is incredibly powerful. And to have the chance to share that faith in Something Bigger with someone other than just yourself - someone who is Family and Love - is nothing short of a miracle.

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