23 May, 2009


Again, TT! You are a beautiful writer and I love this sentiment. Thank you for your inspiration and for your words.

When I am talking to somebody there are always two conversations going on. The first is on the surface; it is small talk about music or TV or work or whatever it is our mouths are saying. The other is beneath the surface, on the level of the heart, and my heart is either communicating that I like the person I am talking to or I don't. In my life, I want both conversations to be true. That is, I am supposed to speak truth in love. If both conversations are not true, God is not involved in the exchange between myself and someone else, we are on our own, and on our own, we will lead people astray. I have learned if you talk to people with your mouth, and your heart does not love them, you are like a person standing there smashing two cymbals together. You are only annoying everyone around you.

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