21 November, 2009


We've got childbirth class number 2 under our belts... it was all about the labor process & hopefully we'll retain at least some of the knowledge by the time we go to the hospital! We learned about back labor (painful), stimulation of labor, induction of labor, medications in labor (specifically the popular epidural), and the transition phase of labor (the hardest & shortest part).

When I look up the word "labor", 80% of the definitions and examples have to do with work - hard work, the working class. There are only 2 entries that say anything about contractions and childbirth. But I think this example seems to wrap it up best in my mind: "physical or mental work, especially that of a hard or fatiguing kind". We watched a video of 3 different women in labor and by then end - including the woman who had an epidural - they all looked like they had been through exhausting physical and mental work.

The other thing I noticed was that they all had a supportive partner to lean on (sometimes to actually lean on!)... and I am so glad and proud and blessed to have my own partner there with me every step of the way - during these months of pregnancy, during every doctor appointment, during these classes - making me laugh, helping me cry, supporting me in every way he knows how. And I know he'll be an amazing person to labor with when the time comes...

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