21 November, 2009


Okay, so it's definitely not as defined as this picture... but I can now see our baby moving while she's still inside me. And she moves. A lot! I feel she has a strong personality already and she lets us know by her movements. When I'm not keeping my posture at its best and sitting at the computer a bit hunched over, she forcefully reminds me that she needs more space! And I get swift couple of kicks to the ribs that makes my chest jump as if I had a sudden violent attack of hiccups. When I'm relaxing with my feet up and my hands on my tummy, she moves into a more comfortable position too - and if I remove my hands and just stay still, I can see movements in my mid-section that seem too unreal to believe. And at night, when we play music to her, sometimes she moves around and sometimes she doesn't - guess it depends on what she likes :)

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