09 November, 2009


Late nights at our place can become a bit slap-happy... we get giggly, for lack of a more adult term. We crack each other up with little things. Here's a glimpse into this evening's funniest moment...

J: It's gonna be so weird when I'm outnumbered by women in our house.
R: I know. What if we had another little girl next... you'd be like your mom, but reversed.
J: Yeah - then I'll at least need a male dog to hang out with.

Moments later, he sits down at his giant 24 inch MAC... and he starts scrolling through the random play on his iTunes, not stopping until he finds something he likes... and all of a sudden I hear familiar lyrics from my childhood: "Look at this stuff. Isn't it neat. Wouldn't you think my collection's complete..."

R: (laughs in admiration)
J: What?

(the Disney song plays out, and after it ends)

J: I love that song.


R: You know... I don't think it will be weird for you to be outnumbered by girls.

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