08 November, 2009


The best parenting advice I've received so far (from someone who's not my own parent or relative) is this... being a parent is like being a circus trainer (stay with me, here!).

You have the responsibility to lead them across the tightrope - but you can't actually do it with them, they have to cross from one side of that rope to the other on their own. You can hold their hand on the ground, and you can work with them as they are only a few inches off the floor, but eventually they'll get up into the air. And they will fall - at first a lot, and then a little less as they gain their own balance, and then they'll make it successfully all the way to the other side. And as long as there's a net & an encouraging trainer (read: "parent" for both of those things) then they can get up and try again, and again, without fear.

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