03 January, 2010


As of today, I am officially Full Term. 37 weeks. Our baby could come at any time and it would no longer be considered "premature".

We spent the last week looking into pediatricians, day care options, packing our hospital bag, making an emergency contingency plan with our good friend (and convenient neighbor!), stocking the pantry and freezer, planning our January baby budget, and generally preparing as much as we possibly can. Ready or not, here she comes!


  1. shes not gonna come at any time....shell be here the 25th duhhhh!!!!

  2. You are going to be the perfect mommy and Jonathan is going to be an awesome daddy! Don't you just get chills up your spine when you hear your new names.... from now on... at the pediatrician's office, at the daycare, through all Grace's years at school/college, with all of Grace's friends and their parent's for the rest of your lives you will always be remembered as Grace's MOM & DAD!!! What an awesome privelege and responsibility! We know you will be wonderful parents for her and she will truly grow into an AMAZING GRACE!!!