01 January, 2010


On January 1st 2009, I took a moment to look back on that year of many changes and much growth. I can hardly believe that in just another round of 365 days there's even MORE change and growth (literally!) that's happened this past year.

I moved in with a lovely lady friend and slept on an air mattress for 5 months. I began dating for the first time since living in New York (7 years!). I finally had some closure with an old relationship. I witnessed a plane land in the Hudson river, and the end of a presidency, and the beginning of a new one. I also felt lonely.

I watched my college team win the Superbowl. I had an incredible night at an iconic NYC venue working with old colleagues. I had drinks with - and became friends with - someone I've admired since I was a little girl. I felt overwhelmed at work.

I had a true "only in New York" experience and dated a guy from the FDNY. I completed my first show as a general manager all on my own. I went to NYC places I'd never been like Jazz at Lincoln Center and Roseland. I began having deep discussions about marriage and relationships with someone I held in high regard. I pictured this.

I spent a fun night in a hotel. I was complimented by a director I truly admire. I had an Easter I'll always remember. I felt the possibility of a miracle. I took a road trip to the Finger Lakes with a good friend to be with another good friend. I saw great theatre.

I read a few wonderful books. I spent time with a few wonderful people. I received a few wonderful gifts. I worked with a few wonderful colleagues. I saw a few wonderful movies.

I felt like God had his finger on the fast forward button of my life's remote control. I survived a challenging tech week for the first musical at my theatre. I rediscovered my affections for a great band. I had cautious optimism. I celebrated Father's Day in a new way.

I spent a weekend of independence with people I love. I moved into my 7th apartment in 7 years. I took a much needed trip home. I was proud to work in a place that debated Art vs. Business. I became a car owner. I discovered the joys of New York City servies.

I celebrated the birthday of the man I love. I learned why people love Vermont. I became infatuated with The West Wing. I could finally share incredible news with everyone. I was becoming a parent.

I got advice from all sides. I started setting up "The Nook". I took a leap that somehow felt much bigger than anything else I'd done yet. I had a dream. I started singing at a church again and it was wonderful.

I began my 30's. I was inspired to write, remembering that time flies. I saw the most precious picture. I opened a fun show. I started receiving gifts - both funny & sweet.

I worked with an icon from the 80's. I was amazed at my body. I was part of a documentary. I took classes with my beau to prepare us for the future. I saw her move. I had a Thanksgiving that will go down in the history books.

I enjoyed my first real Christmas tree in years. I was truly surprised at work. I got a diploma. I spent my first Christmas not at home, but still somehow at home (home with a new meaning). I started feeling like Little Red: "excited and scared". I took a breath and my partner's hand and began looking toward 2010 with wide eyes and an even wider heart.


  1. Again God is reminding us...
    "The will of God will not take you, where the 'Grace' of God can not protect you." Aren't you glad that you trusted all will be well? So much change... so much growth... so much to be grateful for... so much love... mom xoxo
    "Leap and the net will appear!" So glad you followed your heart and took the chance...

  2. so, how come in the "car owner" part it didn't say "thanks to my wonderful sister" complimented by a blue link with a picture of my beautiful face?????

    love you anyways :)