11 February, 2010


We took our first family trip outdoors with the 10-day-old babe.  We looked up a video to show us how to wear the Snugli.  We dressed in layers.  We buttoned our coats over the little one to keep her warm from the wintry winds.  We went to the pediatrician and learned that we're incredibly healthy.  We went to Walgreens and bought lots of little travel bottles of Purell.  We had lunch at Europa Cafe and ate delicious crepes.  We got fussy & hungry on the subway down to Union Square - but Dad distracted us with a bouncing rhythm, much to the pleasure of several older women on the train who cooed at us.  We spent a few life-saving minutes in the Mother's Room at Babies R Us (good to know about that breastfeeding/changing table hideaway!).  And we visited our friends at Vineyard Theatre

Whew!  A big day out for all of us - but I think this Mama was the most exhausted of everyone.

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