14 February, 2010


My partner and I decided not to do Valentine's Day gifts... even though it was our first V-Day together.  We already gave each other a beautiful baby - what more could flowers or a box of chocolates add to that amazing present?  He did "break the rules" by getting me a card, but since it was filled with sweet writings of our cherished love, I'll let that one slide :) 

Since the day a middle school "boyfriend" showed up on my porch bearing a heart-shaped box of chocolate covered cherries (which I thought were gross - I mean, why ruin a good piece of chocolate by putting fruit in it?), I've never been too big on Valentine's Day.   I find it interesting that no one seems sure of how the holiday began... and the "Saint Valentine" whose feast day is on February 14th is so unknown that the only real facts about him are that he was a martyr who was buried just north of Rome on that particular day.  But I do like that the day gives people a chance to show their love to one another - even if it is just a "Hallmark Holiday".  And I also enjoy other people's thoughts on the day - especially this post from a good friend.

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