21 March, 2010



Working in theatre, I've gathered my fair share of stories about the demands of fancy actors.  Apparent necessities that make their famous lives function better.  One who liked the temperature in the theatre to  hover around 40 degrees (much to the chagrin of our audiences).  One who liked glitter - glitter pens, glitter boas, glitter scattered around the dressing room (even glittery make-up).  One who had to have an Iron Gym so he could do pull-ups at the 5 minute call before each performance (though I must admit, it did make him look even better in his form-fitting black t-shirt & designer jeans costume).   Some demands that I thought were a bit "out there".  And some that seemed cliche.  But almost all I understood as a way to find comfort in a craft that forces you to expose yourself 100% truthfully in front of a live audience over and over and over again.  Hey - whatever works, right?

Were I to grow up to be a superstar, I'm not quite sure what I'd really demand, what thing(s) I would really need in order to perform.  But, here's a list off the top of my head...

* a really good, cozy, over-sized reading chair
* a bottle of the local wine from whatever city I was in
* a completely uninterrupted quiet time of one hour each day

Huh.  Wait a minute.  Those demands don't seem very "superstar".  That's just what I'd kill for right NOW!  Okay... and...

* a personal shopper to hand-pick all of my outfits (making sure I always look amazing, and who'd somehow find a way to make each outfit feel as comfortable as a t-shirt and a pair of pajama pants)

There.  That's more like it.  


  1. My demands arent so big either but they give comfort too.

    And yes a personal shopper would be great! Good thinking there. :)

  2. This entry made me laugh! I did just have an actor request that we evict someone from a dressing room to make it a playroom/nursery for their kids. He was (semi) joking, but you might add that to your list.

    Glad you are doing well, you guys look like the happiest family in the world! Much love to you all!! xoxo