22 March, 2010



We were - what - maybe 5 or 6 years old when I first remember really loving her.  We were at the beach.  We shared a penchant for bathing suits full of sand, outdoor showers, and Rainbow Brite.  We memorized every word to dozens of songs and then made our parents watch the "choreography" we made up while jumping on our beds.  We created crowns for ourselves - princesses we were.  

We laughed and laughed.
And cried when we had to leave each other.

And now we are - what - maybe 30 years old when I remembered again why I continue loving her.  We live in different states.  We see each other only a handful of times a year.  We disagree on whether or not Fox is good television.  We view politics differently (and sometimes not so differently).  We discuss raising children instead of Rainbow Brite.  We worry about our parents instead of princesses.  We still memorize the words to songs, though jumping on the bed will now be words we sing to our kids - about little monkeys and the dangers of falling off and hitting your head.  

And we still laugh.  
And we still cry.


  1. And I still love you too.

  2. You are two beautiful young women... soul sisters...
    The number of times you see each other doesn't matter, because time, space and the distance between you is insignificant... You can always pick up right where you left off, because you are always connected heart to heart. I love you both xoxo mom