27 March, 2010



"So many people walk through life in this town - and few of them see the beauty that is striving to make itself known between the multitude of sky-high buildings and the cracks of crowded sidewalks.  But it makes me happy that I notice it.  And I know that you would, too."

These words were written by my hand on the back of a postcard dated December 2002 that I apparently never sent.  I found it in a wonderfully worn old notebook of mine... a small cloth-bound book with many blank pages and a dozen or so old memories I stuck in there over these past years in New York.  This and two other postcards that were stamped and addressed and never mailed.  A list of Theatre To See, plays and musicals that aren't even running anymore.  A picture of a pregnant woman, cut out from a magazine and tucked away here like a foreshadowing of a dream that's only just come true.  A thank you card from my brother.  "To Rachel (heart) Edward Norton" scrawled on a piece of scrap paper.  Photos of her garden from one of my favorite college teachers.  Quotes hastily written on post-it notes.

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