05 March, 2010


Recently, I've been following my first blogger friend from across the pond - a deep, sensitive, passionate (granted I'm deducing all of that from her writing alone) woman who happened to stumble across "A Little Each Day" and reached out to say hello.  I know nothing about her except what I read in her profile and what she writes each day in "These Are The Soulcages".  I know she lives between Belgium and France.  I know she's a firey Aires.  I know she's about my age.  I know we share a love of this incredibly beautiful movie.  I know she puts words out into this world that tug at my heart...

And I know I'm rooting for her.


  1. She is a beautiful woman... she writes beautiful insights... mom

  2. Wow... Rachel... Thanks :)

  3. I love Amelie. Maybe we should have an Amelie lady date some night. I'll bring the DVD and the French wine. You provide the adorable baby.