30 November, 2010


No, no... it's not "Folgers in your cup" (I prefer the over-priced sweetness of the Red Cup myself). 

It's become our routine that my husband puts our daughter to bed each night and I get up with her each morning (while he uses the snooze a few more times).  I'm definitely the more "morning person" of the two of us, so this arrangement works out quite nicely.

The added bonus for me is this: my daughter has the cheeriest disposition of any human I've ever met.  You know that Inner Happiness, that feeling of being completely and simply happy in the moment, that elusive happiness most of us adults struggle to hold onto?  She's got more than enough to share... and that's exactly what she does. 

This morning, she slept in until just after eight o'clock - and then I heard her softly cooing to herself in her crib.  I got up, took my shower, made her bottle, and then went into her room.  She was standing up, holding on to the side of her crib - this is how I find her every morning - and when I say "G'morning Grace", she looks up at me with a wide grin, gives a small "hello" of sorts, and reaches her arms to me.  As I pick her up, she immediately nuzzles her chubby face into that sweet spot between my neck and my shoulder.  And she giggles.  And I can't help but giggle in return.

And that is the best part of waking up.

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