01 December, 2010


You could not presume to know 
what life was or what it might hold. 
by Kim Edwards

This morning, I began again.  Morning Pages.  A tool created by a woman I admire.  I've done this many times before - always drifting away, and always coming back.  It's a lesson in the written word.  Written - not typed.  Using a notebook.  And a pen.  Remember those?

So a notebook is what I sought out.  And memory is what I found.  In a small pink leather-bound book with "Journal" etched on the cover, I discovered a page from June 2006 with a list of "the things I'd like to be more disciplined about"...

Practicing piano
Taking voice lessons
Taking dance/aerobic classes
Daily yoga & meditation
Writing more often
Watching less television
Listening to more music
Working less often
Being outside more often
Eating more consciously
Living a purer lifestyle

Funny how over 4 years later, I still want to be more disciplined about these things!  At least I still want the same things - I guess that means these are actions that truly do make my soul happier.  Let's get started then, eh?

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