31 December, 2010


Reflecting on this crazy year with good friends this December 31st, we had a discussion about 2010... some called it "bad", some called it "hard", and then my friend K said it was not necessarily a bad year, but it was a difficult year.  And I had to agree.  It was a wonderful and difficult 12 months!

In January, I began my maternity leave.
In February, I had a baby.
In March, I returned to work.
In April, I got engaged on Easter.
In May, I began writing for a mom's blog.
In June, I got married and baptized my baby (in the same month!).
In July, I contemplated religion and motherhood and life.
In August, I began my journey as a vegetarian.
In September, I began writing thank you notes for everything (and I'm still not finished!).
In October, I turned 31.
In November, I celebrated Baby G's fist Thanksgiving.
In December, I celebrated her first Christmas.

All year long, I was a mother - for the first time.  I became a wife, a true partner - for the first time.  And that is not easy.  It's good, it's wonderful - but it's not easy. 

Aloha, 2010. 
Aloha, 2011. 

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