01 January, 2011

PHOTO 1/365

Another year, another blogging idea.  Not mine, of course.  Stolen - as many good ideas are.

I'll be following in the footsteps of my good friend and embarking on my own Year-In-Pictures project.  One picture for every day of 2011.  I've so enjoyed following her journey through 2010... and I love the idea of looking back on January 1, 2012 at 365 memories - be they exciting adventures or just everyday things.  So here goes...

Today's photo is a good visual of how I spent most of my New Year's Day - at tech rehearsal. 

This is my table - looks like it has everything one might need for tech rehearsal: laptop, venti latte, snacky foods, notebooks, dinner in a to-go bag, phone charger, and my camera.

Except for maybe a pillow (to cat nap during the dinner break, of course!), this was a pretty good set up. 

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