18 January, 2011


Photo 18/365

No, this is not my picture.  But this moment was just too awkward a thing to take a photo of... being the Third Wheel and all.  Plus, this picture is funnier than any picture I could've taken of this particular event.

I had the experience on the way home from work today of being a monkey in the middle. No, no - not that super fun (unless you're "the monkey") game we used to play when we were younger. A more grown up and much more awkward version of it. A guy (you know they type, the average-looking-but-with-a-cockiness-that-makes-him-thinks-he's-much-hotter kind of guy) was flirting with a gal (think this type from Friends) on the Q train. And normally, I would think nothing of a scene like this and just ignore their gushy words. But it's kind of hard not to take notice of the verbal volleyball when you're the net. It was oh so crowded. I was in the middle of their "conversation". And as they were both taller than me, they were literally flirting right over me.

Here are the things that amaze me about this: 1) They didn't care that I could probably hear what they were saying. 2) They didn't care that several other people could also probably hear their more-than-friendly banter. 3) They were lost in this moment - although packed door to door with people they talked to each other like they were the only two on the train.

So I put my head down and tried to occupy my thoughts with something other than when they might be hooking up.

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