17 January, 2011


Photo 17/365

This morning/afternoon at brunch, I mentioned to my dear friend (and often my peer-detoxer) that I was feeling the need for a detox again.  The fact that I was eating french toast with whipped cream and drinking a mimosa during this conversation may just have underlined the fact that the detox was due.  So this evening, while cleaning up and cleaning out the office in our apartment, I happened upon The 28 Day Plan, a small book I've used to outline a month-long detox for myself several times over the years.  It's not as hardcore as the Master Cleanse.  And it's not just focused on foods; it also includes simple things like the reminder to take 5 minutes for yourself each day and to drink more water and to laugh.  February has 28 days... seems like the perfect month to do it.  Next up: feel better!

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