16 January, 2011


Photo 16/365

Seems like these days, there's not a place I look nor a place I go without a menagerie of toys appearing.  Granted, I do bring them with me wherever I go... even when I'm not meaning to (like the other day, when I opened my purse at work and inside there was a rattle, a bag of cherrios, and an unused diaper).  And at home, it's becoming "the norm" to have a few toys tucked into every room - a couple in the kitchen to entertain while eating or cooking; a handful in the tub, of course; some books on the bedside table for early morning reading and snuggling; a whole wall in our living room lined with them; and then there's her room.  A year or two ago, a coffee table like this on an NFL Playoff Sunday would've held only snacks and beer.  How boring.  I think the red plastic phone and sippy cup really add a nice touch.

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