17 October, 2011

DAY 17 - Photo Albums

The 24 Things Clearing Challenge 
encourages you to make room in your home, heart, and mind to create an inspired future

Although I haven't seen it in person in over a year, I bet it's safe to say that my mother still has an entire dresser full of loose pictures just begging to be put into photo albums. Literally, a whole 3-drawer dresser. Packed with photos.

I was starting to collect a similar pile: photos of my daughter that were just too good to have only in electronic form, photos of my brother's new baby, photos of my parents making fish faces for their granddaughter, photos of my sister's recent trip to NYC. Even some wedding photos and honeymoon shots that got printed up.

So I spent a few hours - maybe only one - putting those loose photos into albums. A simple thing. And a good thing.

The results of today's letting go: organized photos that we can look at and laugh at; possible inspiration to tackle even my mother's 3-drawer collection during one of these upcoming holiday visits.

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