28 November, 2011

Dear Jen

Today I'm sending a special thanks to Jen. My first true yoga class was led by this beautiful woman - and I have never had one as good. It was an intimate group of six people, all different levels of yoga experience, and Jen made each of us feel like we were able to accomplish our individual best... and better than that, she made me want to be better/healthier for myself and not to impress the teacher. She's a great guide when it comes to leading you to your higher self.

Jen's another of those lovely people that I didn't get to know as well as I would've liked to while she was in NYC... and it always makes me smile to realize how quickly someone can really impact your world. It doesn't take a long time - just a special person. And she is definitely one of those.

To Jen: thanks for introducing me to the joys of yoga... I'll always think of you during my Sun Salutations and Savasanas :)

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