27 November, 2011

Dear Carole

Today I'm sending a special thanks to Carole. Carole was the lovely woman with a great British accent and an easy laugh who ran the Oak Cottage Bed & Breakfast, where we stayed for our honeymoon this past summer. She was kind and friendly and seemed to take a real joy in spending an hour each morning with us.

I think it takes a special kind of person to open and run a bed & breakfast. You have to be willing to share your home with people - and not people you know, but more often than not, people you don't know anything about! Carole could charm the pants off of anyone, though - so I'm pretty sure she'll make it.

To Carole: thanks for opening your home to us for an entire week... we so enjoyed ourselves and had such a wonderful time!

30 DAYS OF THX project inspired by ThxThxThx (#30daysofthx)

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