07 November, 2011

Dear Lisa

Today I'm sending a special thanks to Lisa. Lisa is the woman who seems to run our local laundromat. I'm not sure if she owns it or not, but every time I've ever done our laundry or dropped it off to be done - she is there. She's an Asian woman (seems to be about my age or maybe a little older) with a big smile and a voice that goes up in pitch about 2 octaves each time she sees my daughter. She's always grinning and seems to be in a good mood no matter what time of day it is. On Friday morning, I asked what her name was because she is always so nice and I'd much rather be able to say, "Hi, Lisa" when we see her.

Whenever my little girl comes with me to do the laundry, Lisa gives her a small packet of two, thin, almond cookies. (What is it with people giving my gal cookies? Must be a cute little girl thing.) Now there's absolutely no reason for her to do this, but she does. Every time we're in there together. And my daughter loves it. And it makes me smile.

To Lisa: thanks for bringing a little extra cheer to our day with your big grin, your warm "Hello!", and your edible gifts... it's nice to get to know the people in your neighborhood. 

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