13 November, 2011


Today I'm sending a special thanks to Michael C. Ruppert and Chris Martenson. Michael and Chris have each written a book, each book with similar themes and points about our society and culture as it's been for the past several decades... and where they think the world is going over the next 20 years. Yes, their material can be quite shocking - but I'm particularly grateful for how different these two gents are, even though they tend to believe the same fundamental things. My husband seems to relate more to one and I to the other. And it's difficult enough material that I'm glad we can each read about it from a perspective that we can feel comfortable with and understand.

"Comfortable" might be the wrong word, actually. While I don't know these two men personally, they sure have made a personal impact on my family. The ideas they have put on paper, about peak oil and money and politics and environment, are not popular ideas - and by that I mean it's much easier to not think or worry about them. But they've spoken clearly enough to my husband and me that we have already begun to make changes in our lives - at the very least, changes in the way we think about the world we live in - based on their research and writings.

To Michael and Chris: thanks for being willing to be the type of people who aren't afraid to possibly be ridiculed for what they believe... we need people like you to help make us less complacent.

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