25 November, 2011

Dear Wanda & Ken

Today I'm sending a special thanks to Wanda & Ken: my parents-in-law. If I could have hand-picked my in-laws, there would be no two people who'd be a better fit than these two. They are kind and caring individuals with a strong love between them. And I truly couldn't be happier/luckier for the way they get along with my own parents. It's like I've doubled my parental love and support just by marrying into the best family. Cool, huh?

The first time I made a joke at Ken's expense, I really knew I was part of the family... a gentle teasing, of course. And there are times when I think Wanda and I must share the same brain - she often says to me, "Boy, did you marry in to the right family." But beyond how well we get along, I'm so grateful for the wonderful young man they raised who I was lucky enough to meet and marry. Good job, parents-in-law!

To Wanda & Ken: thanks for everything you've done to make me feel right at home... I love you guys so much and I'm truly blessed to be your daughter-in-law.

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  1. Dear Rachel -

    There is seldom a day that goes by that both Wanda and I do not give thanks to you for entering our lives, taking care of our son, and for raising the wonderful Grace. The added draw to Jon finding you, or you finding Jon (I'm never sure how that one goes), is the joy of getting to know your wonderful parents and family. It was two year ago today that Wanda and I drove home from Ohio saying how lucky Jon was for having found you and how lucky we were to have your family be a part of ours. Being with Mike and Pat has allowed us to see why you are the way you are, a thoughtful, sincere, involved, hardworking, motivated, and family oriented person. This is who they are and fortunately who you are. What an inspiration it is to watch them weave their magic in every endeavor they face. They are as much an inspiration to us as you are. They have raised a rare gem!

    "Life is good" because of them and you.

    Ken KK PopPi