26 November, 2011

Dear Shane & Mary

Today I'm sending a special thanks to Shane & Mary. Shane was the first person in my theatre administration career that really mentored me. I looked up to him as an example of how someone could sit at a desk (instead of be on a stage) and still be incredibly creative and influential. I was inspired by his eye for clean, crisp design and the way he aspired to always make things better and more efficient. On a handful of wonderful occasions, I got to hang out with his wife, Mary. She impressed me with her wit and quiet charm; I loved her simple sense of fashion and her appreciation of good food.

Although the time I spent with them was relatively short - before they moved from NYC to Austin - they made a big impact in my world. These past several years, I've so enjoyed following their lives via their blogs: Shane with his Apple products and minimalist photos; Mary with her delicious recipes and quote gems. And I will never not enjoy picturing them side-by-side... the over-six-foot Shane and the just-past-5-foot Mary. Somehow, they're a perfect fit.

To Shane & Mary: thanks for being sweet friends and sharing some of your life with me in New York... and sharing it still on this world wide web. Miss you!

30 DAYS OF THX project inspired by ThxThxThx (#30daysofthx)

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