11 December, 2010


I've written a few times about "90 DAYS"... but I can't even imagine 90 years.

My grandmother turned 90 today.  

How's it feel to be nine decades old?  Well, according to her:
"It could be better." 

As I was chatting with her on the phone... "I heard there was a party for you today, Grandma. How was it?"  "Oh there were SO many people there... like ten or twenty!" she said.  (It was more like 50.)

It's also my mom's birthday today.  She was born on her mother's birthday.  I used to joke about the labor process and how "oh, yeah - what a great birthday present to go through that."  But being a mother now, I say it without sarcasm:  what a GREAT birthday present.


  1. My nonna died a few months shy of her 105th birthday, she said it was boring. The days were long ,the tv blurry and the food mushy !

  2. Yeah true.......i agree with you.