15 October, 2011

DAY 15 - Extra Closet

The 24 Things Clearing Challenge 
encourages you to make room in your home, heart, and mind to create an inspired future

Yes, it's probably a luxury in New York City to have an extra closet. It's also a great place for a whole bunch of random stuff to end up over the course of a few years. Ours is located in our daughter's room... her dozen dresses take up a small portion of the clothing rack, our winter coats take up the larger portion of it - and boxes and boxes of items we hardly ever use take up the rest of the space.

Among the items in this closet (beyond the clothes):
* 4 plastic file boxes packed with papers
* 1 plastic container + 1 box of holiday decorations
* 2 rolls of wrapping paper
* 2 bags of bags (yep - bags holding other empty gift bags)
* 3-4 lamps that we don't have anywhere to put
* my husband's old trumpet
* the box for our new printer
* the box for our desktop mac
* a tool kit
* a shredder
* a small fan
* a Burger King mask

It's quite the collection.

This is the Closet for a Rainy Day. This is the Closet of Items We Might One Day Need. This is the Closet for Once-a-Year Events. If you're lucky enough to have one, it can be a useful place... but stock should be taken of these items very often.

I ended up with a relatively small pile of give-away items from this closet. But it was nice to get in there and see what treasures we've been saving. Maybe our daughter will want to play the trumpet someday.

The results of today's letting go: knowing where and what everything is that lives in that closet.

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