16 November, 2011

Dear Flower Shop Guy

Today I'm sending a special thanks to the guy at our local flower shop. Every evening, as we walk home from day care, my daughter and I pass by this corner flower shop connected to the C-Town grocery store. There's a short man with a round face who is always there - I mean, no matter what time of day, he's preparing flowers and arranging them and making himself available to help the customers.

My little girl, just a few months shy of two-years-old, loves to put her tiny hands all over the flowers - pointing at the colors, fingering anything new that she hasn't seen before, and she especially loves sticking her face into a beautiful bouquet to "smell" them. Initially, I wasn't sure how Flower Shop Guy would react... he could be very protective of his lovely arrangements, who knows? But it's now become such a routine, and he's so nice about it, that we say hello to him every day and he nods and smiles at us. And every so often, he surprises my munchkin with the kind gift of one single flower... which she carries home with pride.

To the gentleman that we see every day at the flower shop: thanks for letting us stop by and smell your beautiful flowers... even though we never buy any, you still greet us with a smile.

30 DAYS OF THX project inspired by ThxThxThx (#30daysofthx) 

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