15 November, 2011

Dear Jan Karon

Today I'm sending a special thanks to Jan Karon. Ms. Karon is the author of a book series that makes my heart happy: The Mitford Series. I'm not sure when it was that I first learned about or picked up At Home in Mitford (the first of the series) but it was like reading a book that made me feel like I was coming home. Something about the simplicity of the story and the connectedness of its characters... I found myself really loving it all, and wishing I lived in that small town.

The books have a Christian message at their heart - as we follow the main character, Father Tim - but it's the people that Jan Karon creates that stick with me. I love historical fiction. I love a good factual non-fiction about the world we live in. I love self-help books. But every so often, I need a sweet feel-good novel and that's what The Mitford Series gives me. These stories are comforting and uplifting and - to be quite honest - they make me want to live a better, simpler life.

To Jan Karon: thanks for writing and for giving me a place to settle into that feels like a sweater worn with love... it's a joy to be able to disappear into your world for a bit.

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