22 November, 2011

Dear Lisa & Chuck and Gini & Jim

Today I'm sending a special thanks to Lisa & Chuck (my dad's brother and sister-in-law) and Gini & Jim (my mom's sister and brother-in-law). Our family is so close that I saw these aunts and uncles (and their kids, my cousins) for almost every holiday dinner and birthday celebration and random summer picnic while growing up. Both families lived within walking distance from our house and it was fun to see them so much.

It is a blessing to have a large, close family. It was one of my favorite things when I was a kid - to have a built-in network of extra adults and kids to play with. And now, as an adult, I adore all the extra love my own daughter gets from these wonderful people.

To Lisa & Chuck and Gini & Jim: thanks for the incredible gift that is our family... my life wouldn't be the same without you and I'm so grateful for each of you.

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