20 November, 2011

Dear Pumpkins & Squashes

Today I'm sending a special thanks to Pumpkins & Squashes. Lately, I've been really inspired by the delicious fall dishes that can be made from these vegetables. In fact, I spent all weekend baking seeds, making real pumpkin pie, and learning about spaghetti squash (it's truly amazing how much it really looks like spaghetti!).

It was lovely to take on the challenge of making a few things that were brand new to me. It was fun to look up recipes and to attempt something for the first time. And even more fun when the dishes turned out well! It's a great feeling of accomplishment to provide for one's family by cooking - nourishing, satisfying, fulfilling.

To Pumpkins & Squashes: thanks for inspiring me to try new (and yummy) things... and for starting the domino effect of wanting to do even more cooking and baking!

30 DAYS OF THX project inspired by ThxThxThx (#30daysofthx)

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