01 January, 2012

2011 - A LOOK BACK

In looking toward 2012, I jotted down a quick overview of 2011. Here are some fractions of my thoughts on all that happened this past year.

Year of Pictures Project - fail - forgetting to take a picture by the 6th day. Got a smart phone - Droid. Brunch dates with Little Grace. Opening MILK TRAIN.

Daughter turned 1 year old and had her first birthday party. Ice storm. Went to Boston for the first time - first work business trip. Thoughts of wanting to be a teacher. Grace started sucking her thumb.

Japan's earthquake & tsunami. Made me think how precious life really is. And also that we should be better to our fragile Mother Earth. Outdoor pianist. Opening BURNING BOY.

Communicating with my daughter. Barack Obama's birth certificate was released. Feeling restless with my life and finding inspiration through others.

Osama bin Laden reported dead. Started on our documentary-watching kick with No End in Sight... interesting in light of the "end of the Iraq War" (December 2011). Tina Fey wrote a book with a prayer for her daughter that made me laugh out loud. We start discussing, in earnest, some ideas for how we'll change our lives in 2012.

Read The Crash Course, which blows my mind wide open. I start to learn about building a lifeboat. I start to re-imagine what I really want my life to be like, not just what I always thought it would be like. Marriage equality passes in New York... finally.

We spent some time in Vermont and Grace started to like big dogs. My last living grandparent passed away.

We went on a luxurious week-long honeymoon to Yosemite National Park and surrounding areas. Husband turned 30. Prepared for tropical storm Irene, that never really came to NYC. We continue thinking about making a big change in our life, moving forward in a different direction - and we keep reading things that encourage us that we're on the right path.

I reflect on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks of 2001. Caught my daughter singing on video. Read a couple of good books for my online book club. Occupy Wall Street (OWS) begins.

24 Things Challenge. Read a book that invited me to reflect on how a few years can really change your whole life. Stumbled upon one of the simplest and most inspiring cartoons ever.

Started a 30 Days of Thx project, inspired by ThxThxThx (a new favorite blog of mine) and even got into Twitter a bit, learning what a #hashtag is and embracing that forum for a while. Participated in the first rehearsal for A SUPERHERO - standing proudly next to my husband, the creator.

Went to a few holiday parties where even my almost-two-year-old daughter stayed up way past her bedtime. Inspired by the achievements of two dear friends, I started Weight Watchers. Caught up on all my favorite Christmas movies like this and this and this new one (well, new to me). Talked to family, a few friends, and our employers about a big life choice we're about to make - more on that in 2012.

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  1. I adore you and hope to grab a tea with you when I get back in February. Much love.